The New Homes Group (website)
Centers Business Management CBM (website)
Green Organizing Solutions (website)
Porter Ranch Medical Center
Payment Seal (website)
Fallbrook Inn (website)
Open A Yogurt Store (website)
Open A Cupcake Store (website)
Get Out of Loan (website)

Relax the Back Franchising Articles
Purchasing a Franchise
Owning a Franchise

Steve Jordan Fitness (professional bio)
Fore Play (about page)

Graphic Design

Request additional samples (business cards, letterhead, envelope, mailers, press kits, logos and more available)

And More!

If you don’t see the particular type of media your project requires represented on this list, that doesn’t meanĀ I can’t handle your project (or doesn’t have a sample). If I put everything on this list, it would be a mile long! Please feel free to contact me and request a specific samples, or discuss a particular project – whatever project you have in mind – contact Marketing Expertise, chances are I can satisfy your needs.