You’re Starting a New Small Business or You Already Have One…

Congratulations! You’re fulfilling the promise of the American Dream. But launching and sustaining a small business is no small feat.
Considering nearly 60% of all new businesses fail within the first five years, not to mention the economy’s unsteadiness – how do you succeed?

In a word…


Imagine you’re driving down the road and your car runs of gas. You lose power and grind to a dead stop. And until you refill your tank, you’re going NOWHERE.

Same thing goes if you’re not actively and effectively marketing your business. You’re stopped dead as if stranded alongside the road. Only it’s your business – your dream and your financial livelihood – going nowhere.

Marketing is the fuel that powers your business engine and determines your success (flying down the road top speed) or failure (stopped dead on the roadside).

But if you’re like most frantic, overworked small business owners, you don’t really know how marketing works. How much it costs. Or how your can possibly fit one more task into my already overflowing to-do list.

That’s where Marketing Expertise comes in…

We’ll help you develop Marketing Program tailored to your specific needs and budget limitations. And we’ll do the heavy lifting, so you cross marketing off your to-do list altogether.

Defining Your Goals
Marketing, whether it’s a full blown campaign or an individual tactic, begins with goals. If you don’t have a destination in mind, how can you get there?

We help you define your business goals, so your can chart your course to success…

Developing Your Strategy
Even if you know where you’re going, you still need a map to get there. Once goals are defined, strategy provides the road map to get you there.

Without a strategy, you’re just throwing tactics at the wall to see what sticks. Wasting time and money. We help you develop a strategy to achieve your goals…

Implementing Tactics
Destination defined, course plotted. Now it’s time to get where you’re going. And tactics get you there.

With a mix of Print Media – Advertising, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Sales Letters and Direct Mail; and Digital Media – Websites, Business Blogging, Email Marketing and Social Media tactics are the foot soldiers that help you enact your marketing strategy and achieve your business goals.

Ready to Get Started?
Great! Reach out to Marketing Expertise Marketing Director, Ryan Anys: 310.466.7893 | Ryan@EffectiveMarketingMedia.com