Small Business Marketing Update (Part 29) – 5 Links to Small Business Marketing Goodness!

Small Business Marketing UpdateWelcome to another edition of…

Weekly Small Business Marketing Update

In this weeks installment, we take a peek at Customer Persona’s, get Time Mag’s take on mobile marketing, look at Twitter’s latest “revamp” and how it benefits small biz, and more!

So without further ado – here are this week’s Top 5 Small Business Marketing Links:

1.  Five Complainer-Customer Persona’s and the Role of Social Media [Plus an Infographic] — By Marketing Profs

The customer’s always right…but they’re not always treated as such. So how do you handle your customers gently and respectfully, while serving their needs and keeping your cool.

2.  How Mobile Marketing Can Help Your Business — By Time Magazine

Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices OH MY! Everybody and their lil’ bro’s “going mobile!” So what does that mean for your small biz marketing program? Time to optimize you website and email for mobile users.

3.  10 Tips For Small Business Marketing From InfusionCon — By Fast Company

Infsionsoft is one the largest small business marketing software makers in the biz. Get the top ten tools they use to market their own biz!

4.  Social Media Marketing: 7 Tools for Businesses and Brands  — By Huffington Post

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn — yikes! So many platforms, so little time. How do you streamline and get organized? Check out these top social media time saving tools.

4.  Facebook Marketing for Small Business: What You Need to Know — By Social Media Examiner

Facebook marketing…from soup to nuts!

5.  Revamped Twitter Offers New Features for Small Business Marketing — By Cox Communications

Even though Twitter has a leg up, in many ways, on most popular social media platforms, not everybody in the small biz realm is convinced it can help market their biz (and quite a few don’t even understand what it is!). But with Twitter’s latest platform updates, the marketing benefits, especially for small businesses, are undeniable – take a gander!

Well folks, that’s it for this installment. Via con dios! And as always, check us out next on the turnaround, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

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