Small Business Marketing Update (Part 21) – 5 Links to Small Business Marketing Goodness!

Small Business Marketing UpdateAnother week gone by, pushing us through to the end of January (one month down, eleven more to go) and the business of business marches on — hope you’re making the most of it my small business marketing compatriots in arms!

In the meantime, we go some great nuggets of marketing mastery to share in part 21 of the Marketing Expertise…

Weekly Small Business Marketing Update

So without further ado – here are this week’s Top 5 Small Business Marketing Links:

1.  Engagement Marketing: The Perpetual Motion Machine of Your Small Business  — By Constant Contact Blogs

Forward progress — putting one foot in front of the other and repeat — makes your small business marketing happen! And Constant Contact’s Engagement Marketing Impresario Gail Goodman offers great advice on how to keep your biz moving – check it out.

2.  The Secrets of YouTube® Video Marketing — By Association of Strategic Marketing

Video is one of the forces leading the digital marketing charge – and platforms like YouTube hold the power to make your small biz look BIG! Check out the ASM latest white paper on making your videos go viral (and reaping the financial rewards).

3.  Eleven Things Organizations Can Learn From Airports — By Seth Godin

Heed Seth’s advice, avoid making the mistakes of your regional airport, and remember: Striving for mediocrity is not worthy, noble, effective or financially sound goal…

4.  How To Avoid Disaster In Your Small Business Digital Marketing Efforts — By crowdSPRING Blog

Like I always say: Time is money — spend it well…

5.  Twitter Mobile Video: This Week in Social Media — By Social Media Examiner

Twitter me this: How can I go mobile and Tweet videos? Why, with Twitter’s new Vine app, silly!

Well, that’s all she wrote for this weeks edition, folks. So until week meet again, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you — same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

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