Small Business Marketing Update (Week 15) – 5 Links to Small Business Marketing Goodness!

weekly ledgerKicking off this weeks installment of the SBMU with a brassy, bold, resounding Hank Kingsley Hey Now! to all my cyber-peeps out there running through the wires! And to all those east-coasters hit hard by that Big, Bad Biotch Sandy (what an atrocious name from a hurricane- — I mean who comes up with this stuff!?!) here’s a warm, wanton energetic hug to you and yours — be well (and I hope they get the power back on muy pronto).

In the meantime, welcome to week 15 of the Marketing Expertise…

Weekly Small Business Marketing Update

So without further ado – here are this week’s Top 5 Small Business Marketing Links:

1.  6 Playfully Spooky Marketing Campaigns Just in Time for Halloween — By HubSpot

Many thanks to HubSpot for: 6 Killer Halloween Mad Marketing Campaigns — A little behind schedule with this selection…but you can file this naughty boy away for next year!

2.  Five Ways Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Facebook — By Huffington Post

WOW! HuffPo is going All-In on small biz social media marketing – this is GIANT news –ALERT THE MEDIA…er…um…ya, OK just read on to find out more about what they have to say…

3.  How much are Facebook fans worth to small businesses? — By Boston Globe

As a small businesses go deeper and deeper down the Social Media Marketing rabbit hole — ever wonder about the value of your business’s Facebook Fans in “real dollars?” The Boston Globe sheds a lil’ bit’o light on the subject.

4.  Hyperlocal Marketing Discussed at New York Small Business Conference – By Yahoo! News

NYC small business conference put’s local business marketing under the microscope, and debates the pros and cons of Yelp advertising. Sounds like a pretty juicy throw down!
5.  6 Tips for Using LinkedIn the New Endorsements — By Social Media Examiner

There’s endorsement deals — for those lucky few of us capable of “Being Like Mike” — and then there’s LinkedIn Endorsements: which one is better (for small biz operators)? Find out how you can get more-more-more! LinkedIn friends, followers and associates to “endorse” your expertise in the skills listed under your professional profile.

Well, in the immortal words of Porky Big: “Abid abid abid that’s all folks!” So until we meet again, stay tuned, same Bat time, same Bat channel!

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